Future Retail repays $14 million interest to investors, averts default

NEW DELHI: Kishore Biyani-led Future Retail has averted a default as it repaid around $14 million (around Rs 100 crore) interest on foreign bonds to investors.

The 30 day grace period for repaying the interest on ‘5.60 per cent Senior Secured Notes due 2025’ was to end on Monday.

“Today, we are pleased to inform that the Company has made the payment of said interest for the half year ended for an amount of $14 million on above USD Notes,” the company said in a regulatory filing.

The company had earlier missed its deadline for interest payment on July 22. It had then said that due to the nationwide lockdown, and consequent restricted business operations of the company, the liquidity position has been affected causing it to miss the service of the payment of interest due on the USD Notes, listed on Singapore Stock Exchange.

“The terms of issuance of the USO Notes provides for additional period of 30 days for payment of interest from the due date, in case the same could not have been paid on the original due date. Accordingly, we are proposing to make payment of the interest within 30 days from the interest due date on the USD Notes. We are in the process of ensuring that payment of such interest is made within this additional time period,” the company had then said in a filing.

Source: IANS

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