Real Estate Debt Financing in India: Unveiling a Rs 14 Lakh Crore Opportunity

NEW DELHI: The real estate sector in India has seen a significant debt sanctioning of Rs 9.63 lakh crore during the 2018-23 period, paving the way for further debt financing opportunities amounting to Rs 14 lakh crore over the next three years, as revealed by a joint report from JLL India and Propstack.

In the comprehensive report titled ‘Decoding Debt Financing: Opportunities in Indian Real Estate,’ JLL India and Propstack highlighted the average annual debt sanction figure of Rs 1,61,000 crore over the past six years.

his report underscores the dominant role of Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, and Bangalore, which together claimed 80% of the total debt sanctioned, emphasizing their pivotal position in the market. However, the sector faced hurdles with the IL&FS and NBFC crisis in 2018 and the pandemic’s impact in 2020, which led to a market slowdown.

Despite these challenges, the resurgence in real estate markets since 2021 has opened up new prospects for both lenders and borrowers, marking an era of promising opportunities.


Source: Press Trust of India

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