Sitaram Yechury, Subramanian Swamy say Donald Trump’s visit won’t benefit India

BHUBANESWAR: CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury and BJP MP Subramanian Swamy on Saturday said US president Donald Trump’s visit will not benefit India, but is aimed at boosting the American economy.

Both the leaders were in the city to attend a function.

“He has come to boost his economy and not ours. So I do not see any benefit to our country,” Swamy said.

“There may be some defence agreements. That will also boost his country. Above all, we are paying for the defence equipments and he is not giving it for free,” added the BJP MP, who has been critical of the way the economy is being handled by his party-led government.

Addressing the gathering, Yechury said, “We are worried ove

r his visit. The US President is coming to draw concessions for US farmers.”

Trump is scheduled to arrive in India on a two-day visit on February 24.

Both Yechury and Swamy also agreed to the point that India’s economy needs stimulus in the wake of a slowdown. But they gave different prescriptions to revive the economy.

While Swamy advocated scrapping GST and abolishing income tax, Yechury suggested both shot-term and long-term measures by putting more money on infrastructure development.

Swamy cautioned that if remedial measures are not taken immediately, the economic conditions may further worsen. Yechury said this is not just a economic slowdown, but the country is heading towards a recession.

Congress national spokesperson Sanjay Jha questioned the NDA government’s decision for sops to the corporate sector prior to budget.

Source: Press Trust of India

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