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Gulf Arab leaders sign declaration with Qatar to ease rift

By AYA BATRAWY and AMR NABIL AL-ULA, SAUDI ARABIA: Gulf Arab leaders signed a declaration Tuesday in Saudi Arabia to mark a new page in relations following the kingdom’s decision to end a 3 1/2-year embargo of Qatar, easing a rift that deeply divided regional U.S. security allies and frayed social ties across the interconnected […]

Four Muslim nations consider gold, barter trade to beat future sanctions

By Liz Lee KUALA LUMPUR: Iran, Malaysia, Turkey and Qatar are considering trading among themselves in gold and through a barter system as a hedge against any future economic sanctions on them, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on Saturday. At the end of an Islamic summit in Malaysia, Mahathir praised Iran and Qatar for […]

Qatar to quit OPEC in 2019

DOHA: Qatar is to leave Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) next month in order for the Gulf state to focus on gas production, Energy Minister Saad al-Kaabi announced on Monday. “Qatar has decided to withdraw its membership from OPEC effective January 2019,” Kaabi said at a Doha press conference. He added that Qatar […]

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