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Depression, stress may reduce efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines, scientists say

NEW DELHI: Depression, stress and loneliness can weaken the body’s immune system, and lower the effectiveness of certain vaccines, including the new COVID-19 preventives that are in development and the early stages of global distribution, scientists say. According to a report accepted for publication in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, simple interventions, including exercise […]

Over 100 scientists join hands with UN to bust Covid vax myths

NEW DELHI: Under an United  Nations (UN) initiative, over 100 scientists have joined hands to tackle the issue of misinformation around Covid-19 vaccines and build confidence by busting myths and sharing information on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines via the social media. The UN has collaborated with The Vaccine Confidence Project at the University […]

Scientists create new ‘glowing’ protein which may help treat cancer

MOSCOW: Scientists have created a new ‘glowing’ protein which may be used in fluorescence microscopy to help in the research on cancer, infectious diseases and organ development. Besides glowing when irradiated with ultraviolet and blue light, the protein is exceedingly small and stable under high temperatures, said researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and […]

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