TDP transferring Rs 50,000 aid to Vizag gas leak victims’

NEW DELHI: Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief N Chandrababu Naidu on Monday said a financial aid of Rs 50,000 to the gas leak victims’ families in Visakhapatnam — which he wanted to hand over personally — is now being transferred directly into their bank accounts.

While the toll in the gas leak has been put at 12, the TDP said it was providing the financial aid to 15 families.

In a separate letters written to the 15 families, Naidu said the ruling YSRCP government has not given him permission to visit the port city and therefore was not able to meet them personally and hand over the assistance.

In the letter, the TDP chief claimed how one entire flight was cancelled when he was about to go to the port city.

“Now, the TDP leaders would visit each of the bereaved families and the assistance was being directly deposited in their bank accounts,” Naidu said.

He told the victims’ families that an irreparable loss was caused to them and that could not be compensated in any manner.

“However, each family should take courage and move forward. The TDP would always be for the people and extend all support at all times,” he added.

Naidu also condemned the ruling YSRCP government saying it has thrown all weight behind the LG Polymers management from the beginning.

“But whether in power or in opposition, the TDP would continue to be on the side of the people and it would fight for the cause of justice to the gas leak victims families and hundreds of those injured in surrounding areas,” he added.

Source: Press Trust of India

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