5G project will add $666 billion to Indian economy, help to create 6 crore direct and indirect jobs

NEW DELHI: 5G evolution will pave the way into an era of digitisation and and transform all areas of business and social landscapes said by Lt Gen Rajesh Pant, National Cyber Security Coordinator, PMO at CII Telecom Convergence held in Delhi today.

He also said that Government is closely working with industry and will help usher new roadmap of innovation.

He opined that 5G will support technologies that will totally change life as we know it.

He added that with exponential evolution of key technologies such as AI, automation and data capture, the pace of change will be relentless.

He further quoted, as per industry analysts and sources, the 5G project will potentially add $666 billion to the Indian economy and enable FDI of $ 273billion in 10 years and help create 6Cr direct and indirect jobs, that is four times faster than current rate.”

Umang Das, Summit Chairman said that 5G is touted to change the face of communication forever. He also said that 5G is perhaps more focused on making room for IoT, AI and Cloud Computing and is a catalyst to digital revolution in India. He opined that 5G will play crucial role in Agriculture, Healthcare, Smart Cities and other industries’ growth in India. He added that states at their level also need to make 5G a priority since this will be the infrastructure of the future.

Further agreeing to it, Sathish Gopalaiah, Partner, Deloitte India also part of said, “5G will be a game changer for India creating significant social and economic impact. It will be an all-inclusive technology touching the life of every citizen and improving quality of living. 5G technologies through intelligent automation would also enhance efficiency and improve safety in industrial processes. The implications of 5G for India will be far-reaching and unparalleled.”

Speaking at the Summit, Akhil Gupta, Vice Chairman, Bharti Group said that affordability and availability of infrastructure is the need of hour. He also said that there is a massive investment required to ensure innovation and development in 5G. He said that security of technology is one of the major aspect to be taken care.

T V Ramachandran, President, Broadband India Forum said that expectation are running high and robust investment of industry in 5G is needed. He also said that we need to create transformative plan for much awaited 5G network in India. He said that there are challenges like financial and recognition of various potential. He emphasized on industry and government should work together for successful implementation of 5G in India.

Addressing the inaugural session, P Balaji, Chief Regulatory & Corporate Affairs Officer, Vodafone Idea Limited also said, “5G can play a transformational role on delivering on Indian economic and societal priorities – whether it is by way of healthcare solutions, literacy, improvements in the agriculture sector or to revolutionize India’s start up and SME sector.”

.Gulzar Azad, Country Head- Connectivity, Google India said that there are 3 pillars dynamic Network, Skill Development and Automation for success of 5G in India. He mentioned that 5G required to be nurtured and cannot be taken in hyper drive mode. He said that has unique opportunity and future of telecom connectivity is bright.

Speaking in the 2nd session of the summit around the theme ‘Advancing in 5G through collaboration & innovation’, Vishal Awal, Vice President & Managing Partner-Telecom IBM said, “IBM, via our open source hybrid multi cloud approach, is actively collaborating and innovating with the fast emerging 5G ecosystem. The magic happens when 5G becomes accessible and affordable to the masses in India and rest of the world. IBM’s approach towards cultivating a true “Cloud native” network architecture helps 5G operators gain critical business benefits like avoiding vendor lock-in, multi-vendor, multi-cloud manageability, agility, rapid service innovation, compelling cost efficiencies and, most importantly, robust security.”

The Summit marked the presence of Speaker from companies like ZTE India, Qualcomm, IBM, Unlimit IOT, Tata Communications and others. The summit was well attended by 150 participants from telecom sector.

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