Amazon, Flipkart can’t deliver non-essentials during coronavirus lockdown, MHA changes rules

NEW DELHI: The government of India on Sunday revised its lockdown guidelines which allowed e-commerce companies to operate fully and even sell non-essential items to customers during the lockdown.

As per the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), “Supply of non-essential goods by e-commerce companies to remain prohibited during lockdown.”

MHA issued an order to exempt certain activities under the consolidated revised guidelines to all Ministries/Departments , regarding the Nationwide lockdown to fight COVID-19.

Under the above consolidated revised guidelines, it is clarified that, e-commerce companies supplying essential goods have been exempted from lockdown restrictions. Further, vehicles used by e-commerce companies, engaged in supply of only essential goods, would be allowed to ply with necessary permissions.

In line with the above provision of consolidated revised guidelines on lockdown restrictions, Government has prohibited supply of non-essential items through e-commerce under lockdown restrictions to fight COVID-19.

Earlier, e-commerce companies were asked to start work from April 20 and get necessary clearance for movement of delivery vehicles.



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