Arvind Kejriwal flags off 50 low-floor CNG buses

NEW DELHI: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday flagged off 50 low-floor CNG-powered cluster buses and said they will improve connectivity to the rural belts of the national capital.

He also flagged off 30 Innova cars and 36 motorbikes for the enforcement wing of the Transport Department. “These vehicles will be involved in enforcing lane discipline. From April onwards, we started the lane discipline drive,” he said at the event.

Kejriwal said there will be 1,800 electric buses on the roads of Delhi by 2023, while 80 per cent of the city’s bus fleet will be electric by 2025.

The government has floated a tender for 1,500 electric buses, and by November next year, 1,800 such buses will be playing on Delhi roads, he said.

“We have inducted 50 new low-floor CNG (air-conditioned) buses. Form many years, when people faced inconvenience since there were no buses. But in the last two three years, electric, CNG, cluster buses have been inducted,” he added.

The new buses will be kept at the new Bawana bus depot. “This will help rural connectivity. There are already 360 cluster bus routes. There will be six new routes for these buses that will serve rural areas,” he said.

Source: Press Trust of India

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