Bhookha Haathi attracts investment from US-based venture fund

NEW DELHI: In a significant boost to alternative food-based health and food tech startups, BhookhaHaathi Hospitality Private Limited (Bhookha Haathi), one of India’s fastest-growing startups in this space, announced fund-raising of an undisclosed amount of equity capital from Zera Ventures LLP – an Indian subsidiary of a USA-based Venture Fund. Investment banker Intellectual Investments & Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. was instrumental in this deal that valued the B2B2C nutraceutical-tech startup Bhookha Haathi at over USD 1.8 million.

Abhimanyu Rishi, Co-Founder, Bhookha Haathi, said, “We are proud and privileged that the first-of-its-kind alternative foods-based health and food tech startup Bhookha Haathi has attracted funds from marquee American investors at such an early stage of its evolution. Bhookha Haathi will utilize the funds raised from the US venture fund towards capex, business expansion and new product launch. Bhookha Haathi plans to raise another round of funding in the next few months to scale up its offerings across the country and internationally. Our vision for 2030 is to disrupt the nutraceutical industry by introducing The Price Pack Architecture (PPA) for masses at an affordable cost.”

Kusum Bhandari, Co-Founder, Bhookha Haathi, said, “The deal is testimony to Bhookha Haathi’s expertise and vision to redefine the billion-dollar nutraceutical industry in India by creating products and packaging solutions for masses. The Price Pack Architecture (PPA) of Bhookha Haathi’s alternative health foods developed with wholesome and natural ingredients, helps consumers eschew nutrient-less mass products for a healthier lifestyle. We are India’s first AI-powered food-tech platform with various proprietary products and solutions under the nutraceutical umbrella having 10 trademarks and 4 patents.”

Operational since 2017, Bhookha Haathi is India’s first alternative foods & health-based nutraceutical-tech company. It focuses on nutraceutical products for a healthy diet. Its product range includes 100% Natural Dry-Fruit & Nut based Refreshers, Caffeine-Free Chickpea Coffee and Infused Raw & Wild Honey for the masses wanting to have premium products at affordable costs. Bhookha Haathi Replace takes its consumers one step closer to a healthier diet by offering them nutritious, wholesome and tasty choices as an alternative to the nutrient-deficient ingredients in their daily diet.

Bhookha Haathi is pioneering the way with its proprietary range of dry fruits, nuts & herbs-based healthy refreshers that not only boost energy, help in getting rid of harmful & unhealthy chewing habits but also work well as digestives Rs. 2 only. Being 100% natural, it is the healthiest replacement available in the Indian market for products like gutkha, pan masala and other mouth fresheners that are either harmful and/or full of additives, preservatives and added sugar.

Another proprietary product from Bhookha Haathi’s portfolio is their caffeine-free Chickpea Filter Coffee which not only tastes great but is also more energy-dense than regular caffeinated coffee and has naturally occurring benefits from chickpeas such as improving digestion and functions of the nervous system, managing blood pressure and diabetes. Being naturally rich in fiber, potassium, iron, magnesium, selenium & calcium, it is also safe to consume during pregnancy and lactation. It is packed with antioxidants that are linked to reduced risk of ailments of all kinds, and it is a great alternative to caffeinated coffee that may not be suitable for everyone. Moreover, it is 100% natural, vegan, healthy and contains no additives or preservatives.

Their products cater to B2B2C clients which includes various distributors, wholesalers, modern trade outlets, Paan shops, consumers, health enthusiasts, etc.

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