Book ‘End of Transplant’ unveiled: Showcases tested method to reverse chronic kidney disease

New Delhi: A book ‘End of Transplant’ was unveiled here by Dr. Om Prakash Gupta, Registrar, Shridhar University, Rajasthan, renowned Ayurveda and Meditation Grru – Acharya Manish who is also Chairman of Hospital and Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences(HIIMS) & Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury – who is the inventor of the Gravitational Resistance & Diet (GRAD) system and author of the book.
The Prospective Cohort Study by Shridhar University Rajasthan & Dayanand Ayurvedic College Jalandhar on the ‘Effectiveness of GRAD) system on Dialysis patients. The major part of the book is the study is the ‘Prospective Cohort Study by Shridhar University Rajasthan & Dayanand Ayurvedic College Jalandhar on the ‘Effectiveness of GRAD system on Dialysis patients which has concluded that among the patients who adopted the GRAD system completely, 75% could free themselves of dialysis and 89% could free themselves of full or partial dependence on drugs.

“This book is divided into three sections. Section-I is the ‘Prospective Cohort Study on GRAD System’, which will enable a layman, a doctor, and patient’s caretakers to get answers to questions like – How to implement GRAD System to reverse CKD? How many days of following the GRAD System can help a CKD patient get freedom from dependence on dialysis and drugs? and What are the chances of reversal of CKD by following the GRAD System? Section-II deals with Frequently Asked Questions and important instructions for CKD patients who are following the GRAD System. Section-III is the renal DTPA scans of dialysis dependent patients before and after the GRAD System,” said Dr Chowdhary.

Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury further explained the science and the formula of GRAD system he said, “Two hours of Hot Water Immersion Therapy(HWI) + Head Down Tilt Therapy (HDT) clubbed with Disciplined & Intelligent People (DIP) Diet  forms the GRAD System.

The event was organized by HIIMS hospital. “HIIMS Hospitals specialize in reversing chronic kidney disease with GRAD system and are presently located at Dera Bassi, Jaipur & Jodhpur. We follow nature cure at all HIIMS hospitals and our focus is on improving dietary routines of patients and using effective detoxification procedures of Ayurveda. The idea is to reduce dependence on medicines and reach a point where the patient lives a medication free life. We treat the disease in such a way that it gets removed from its roots,” said Acharya Manish, Chairman of HIIMS.

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