eWheelers Mobility Opens New EV Fulfillment Centre in Bangalore

Bangalore: eWheelers Mobility, the largest marketplace for electric vehicles in India, has accelerated its journey towards EVs by unveiling a new EV Fulfillment Centre in Bangalore. The Fulfillment Centre is located at VGP Layout road, Kudlu, and is well equipped.

The eWheelers EV Fulfillment Centre makes it easier for electric vehicle manufacturers to overcome the many challenges they face when trying to scale their business up. At the same time, it will play a huge role in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in India.

Vasu Deva Reddy Beerala, Founder and CEO of eWheelers Mobility said, “In the current scenario of air pollution and regular increase in fuel prices, consumers have become environmentally conscious and are shifting towards electric vehicles. Demand for EVs encouraged many companies to enter the electric vehicles market. The biggest challenge for EV manufacturers is maintaining an inventory and fulfilling customer orders where they don’t have dealers. eWheelers EV Fulfillment Centres help EV companies to maintain an inventory at our Fulfillment Centres for very low cost and deliver vehicles to the customers faster.”

He also added, “We had opened the first EV Fulfillment Centre in the national capital. After that, demand for EV Fulfillment Centres is growing continuously. To meet the demand we have opened EV Fulfillment Centres in Hyderabad and Bangalore and are opening two more in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh soon. Our aim is to establish EV Fulfillment Centres in every state by September 2022 to help the EV companies sell more during the festival season that starts from October.”

Electric vehicle manufacturers face several challenges when it comes to moving their products into the market. Some of the major challenges that EV manufacturers face are in warehousing, packaging, and handling processes. Developing a dealer network and preparing for the last mile delivery are also challenging.

eWheelers EV Fulfillment Services eliminate these obstacles by providing EV manufacturers with both warehousing facilities, as well as an advanced local delivery network that allows them to prepare efficiently for the projected orders they will receive. The Fulfilment Centre is a fully integrated warehouse facility and is the one-stop solution for electric vehicle manufacturers to help them grow their business. eWheelers EV Fulfillment Services allow the manufacturers to enter the market sooner by making only one model for customers to order.

The eWheelers EV Fulfillment Centre will have a significant part in the faster adoption of electric vehicles. The company has already committed to working with many leading electric vehicle manufacturers and is planning to make significant efforts in the industry as it continues to grow within the next decade.


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