Levi’s largest store opened in a mall space in India

MUMBAI: Denim giant Levi’s sadi that it has inaugurated its new store at Oberoi Mall in Mumbai on June 10, 2022. The new store is the largest store opened in a mall space in India.

The store design follows the new fleet of the NextGen store format that enables consumers to immerse themselves in brand experience across customization, fit & style. With an inventory assortment of all the premium collections and collaborations, the store is spread across about 3,798 sq ft and houses its signature Tailor shop experience.

The store is all about experience and inspiration and helping the consumer find the right fit from Levi’s® which channels their authentic self-expression through the Tailor shop experience. At the heart of the Oberoi Mall, this store lays foundation for upsizing Levi’s® in a new avatar in a big way in a city that ideally defines fashion trends in this country. The success of this store will pave the way for more such stores to open in Mumbai and will help position the brand in a different light than how it is perceived now, where consumers can make their Levi’s® pieces truly their own with patches, embroidery, paneling, and distressing.

The clothing company started its operations back in India by forming a wholly-owned subsidiary known as Levi’s Strauss India Ltd in 1994 and has grown invariably since then. The brand aims to strengthen its physical footprint in the country and abroad with better stores and consumer experience in 2022.

Speaking on the launch, Sameep Pathak, CEO – Mall, said, “We are excited to have the newest flagship store of Levi’s launched at Oberoi Mall, which is not only the largest store in the country but also offers its signature Tailor shop experience. The addition of this denim giant will definitely boost the casual offerings at the mall. It has always been our endeavor to bring in the best of the renowned brands At Oberoi Mall and to further provide a holistic shopping experience to our customers”



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