Medvarsity partners with Singhania University to enhance patient safety training

NEW DELHI: Medvarsity Online has partnered with Singhania University to provide in-depth knowledge and skills needed to improve healthcare quality and patient safety.

The Master’s in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety course is intended to upskill students to effectively monitor and improve quality metrics, along with enhancing safety for both the patients and the staff of health centers.

At every level of caregiving, there are chances of inherent safety issues that linger. With numerous medical negligence cases, it has become more apparent that patient safety is not being given the due importance it needs. The notion of patient safety should, therefore, be the core of any healthcare delivery system.

According to JCI, the international patient safety goals emphasize on aspects like effective communication, reduced risk of healthcare-associated infections, improved safety of high-alert medications and others, which ensure optimum patient safety.

“Healthcare quality and patient safety has been a core focus for Medvarsity as a means of expanding our impact in healthcare. Through our students, we’re building healthcare systems which are established on the culture of safety and quality. Partnering with Singhania University gives us a unique opportunity of leveraging their reputation & values and combining it with our reach & content expertise to make a difference.” said Gerald Jaideep, CEO, Medvarsity Online Ltd. about the partnership.

Healthcare systems have increasingly started to focus on the quality of care and patient safety to strengthen the effectiveness of treatments and improved patient satisfaction. Therefore, healthcare entities, who directly or indirectly provide care for patients, need to possess distinct skills and knowledge to elevate standards of patient safety. Effective involvement in patient care, skilled healthcare professionals, data to drive safety improvements and clear policies are some aspects which will ensure significant advancements in the quality and safety of healthcare practices. Keeping this in mind, Medvarsity has aptly identified the necessity to upskill healthcare professionals on multiple aspects of healthcare quality and patient safety, through their unique program of Master’s in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety.

Amit Yadav, Pro Vice Chancellor, Singhania University expressed his views by saying “At Singhania, we focus on better medical facilities for the community and improved training for clinical and non-clinical practitioners. By joining hands with Medvarsity, we are aiming to achieve excellence in healthcare quality and patient safety through advanced integrated learning for students.” about the partnership.

The Master’s in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety enables the students to:

l Apply various quality improvement tools, along with processes to measure, analyze and interpret healthcare quality and safety data

l Implement various national and international quality standards in healthcare settings

l Help healthcare organizations adopt a quality-driven and patient-centered culture

l Design, implement, promote, and evaluate the quality and patient safety initiatives in healthcare organizations

The course captures the proactive practices to improve patient safety, with multidisciplinary sessions that equip the students with in-depth knowledge on various aspects of patient safety and healthcare quality. The blended learning program includes 30-day practical training from leading tertiary care hospitals, along with intense online training to help gain a comprehensive coverage of the subject. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in any stream is eligible to take up this course. It is also ideal for healthcare professionals looking to advance to leadership roles in healthcare quality or patient safety.

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