Reliacne Jio gets ready to roll-out world’s most advanced 5G network across India

NEW DELHI: India’s largest digital services provider, today acquired spectrum in the 700MHz, 800MHz, 1800MHz, 3300MHz and 26GHz bands in the auctions conducted by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India.

The acquisition of the right to use this spectrum will enable Jio to build the World’s most advanced 5G network and further strengthen India’s global leadership in wireless broadband connectivity. Jio’s 5G network will enable the next generation of digital solutions that will accelerate India’s AI-driven march towards becoming a US$ 5+ trillion economy.

Launched just six years ago, Jio has created multiple world records during its roll out of the largest 4G network in the shortest period of time. Jio’s 4G network provides the highest quality, most affordable digital services to over 400 million loyal and delighted customers. Jio will now raise the bar even further with its 5G services.

Jio has been a front-runner in embracing technologies of the future and unlocking their full potential for the benefit of India, Indians and Indian businesses. Jio has demonstrated its visionary commitment yet again, as India enters the 5G era. As with Jio 4G that blurred the line between Bharat and India and provided every Indian the best connectivity at the most affordable price globally, Jio 5G will ensure that every Indian gets to access the most transformative digital services and platforms offered anywhere in the world.

Jio’s 5G solution is made in India, by Indians and to suit the need of every Indian. Jio is fully ready for 5G rollout in the shortest period of time because of its nationwide fibre presence, all-IP network with no legacy infrastructure, indigenous 5G stack and strong global partnerships across the technology ecosystem.

Akash M Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Jio Infocomm said: “We have always believed that India will become a leading economic power in the world by adopting the power of breakthrough technologies. This was the vision and conviction that gave birth to Jio. The speed, scale and societal impact of Jio’s 4G rollout is unmatched anywhere in the world. Now, with a bigger ambition and stronger resolve, Jio is set to lead India’s march into the 5G era.

“We will celebrate ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ with a pan India 5G rollout. Jio is committed to offering world-class, affordable 5G and 5G-enabled services. We will provide services, platforms and solutions that will accelerate India’s digital revolution, especially in crucial sectors like Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Manufacturing and e-Governance and make another proud contribution to Honourable Prime Minister’s DIGITAL INDIA MISSION.”


Circle wise details of spectrum acquired are provided in the following table:

Circle 700 MHz (paired) 800 MHz


1800 MHz(paired) 3300 MHz


26 GHz


Andhra Pradesh 10  –  – 100  1,000
Assam 10 5  – 100  1,000
Bihar 10  –  – 100  1,000
Delhi 10  –  – 100  1,000
Gujarat 10  –  10 100  1,000
Haryana 10  –  – 100  1,000
Himachal Pradesh 10  –  – 130  1,000
Jammu & Kashmir 10 5  – 130  1,000
Karnataka 10  –  – 130  1,000
Kerala 10  –  – 130  1,000
Kolkata 10  –  – 100  1,000
Madhya Pradesh 10  –  10 130  1,000
Maharashtra 10  –  10 100  1,000
Mumbai 10  –  – 100  1,000
North-East 10 5  – 130  1,000
Odisha 10  –  10 100  1,000
Punjab 10  –  – 100  1,000
Rajasthan 10  –  10 130  1,000
Tamil Nadu 10  –  – 100  1,000
Uttar Pradesh (East) 10  – 10 100  1,000
Uttar Pradesh (West) 10 5  – 130  1,000
West Bengal 10  –  – 100  1,000
Total 220  20  60 2,440 22,000


Total cost of acquiring the right to use the above technology agnostic spectrum for a period of 20 years is Rs. 88,078 crore. As per terms of the spectrum auction, the spectrum payments have to be made over 20 equated annual instalments, with interest computed at 7.2% per annum. Annual payment amount is summarised below:

                                                  (amount in Rs. crore)

Frequency Band Total Annual Payment
700 MHz 3,512
800 MHz 94
1800 MHz 628
3300 MHz 3,017
26 GHz 625
Total 7,877

The above amounts are provisional, subject to DOT confirmation.

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