SPAG Welcomes Government’s move to declare National Startup Day

New Delhi: The declaration of National Startup Day by Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes as a big boost to the ever-growing startup industry in India. PR & Advocacy firm, SPAG, works closely with startups, and welcomes this move as it will add tremendously to the existing growth trajectory of the sector. Already pegged to be the third largest growing startup country in the world, this move validates and recognises the value that the Startup ecosystem brings to the country.

SPAG has been dedicatedly working in advocating for startups in India. As a part of that endeavour, in 2020, SPAG along with KPMG released a report with key insights. Titled ‘Igniting Start-ups with Investor Insights’, the report was developed in partnership with KPMG (Singapore), APACMed, PRCA SEA and e27 and in consultation with key members of the investing community and innovation ecosystem.

India has the fastest growing startup ecosystem with investments in technology peaking the scale. Health, wellness and med-tech startups are taking centerstage in this acceleration. SPAG’s detailed report dives into the investor perspective for start-ups, from a communications standpoint.

“For India, start-ups have always been significant drivers of economic and business activity. The biggest driver to their success has been the policy environment created in the country. With the government’s latest announcement, startups get that big push which leads to endless possibilities for growth for India. As communications specialists, we have over the years conducted an extensive qualitative analysis of start-up communications from an investor point of view and provided startups with a blueprint for the road forward, to set their expectations and understand the reality of investor communications, and guide start-ups on how to build communications strategies accordingly. There is a big opportunity for young entrepreneurs in the coming months and years as the government clears the way for smooth business,” said Aman Gupta, Co-founder, SPAG.

SPAG also works with an array of startups across sectors for varied requirements as a communications partner. Our focus lies in streamlining their approach to ensure they contribute effectively to the industry at large.

Manav Sethi, who has founded, scaled and invested in startups and is currently working on launching a blockchain based gaming idea said, “2021 was a defining year for Indian startups and unicorns. This goes to demonstrate that right policy framework (minimum government n maximum governance) can create an ecosystem of innovation and value creation. But this is just a beginning of a long journey that India should commit to (100X from here) and naming a day for STARTUPs must be the annual health check of where we are on that committed path. Incumbent governments should also commit to do away with all process led hindrances that takes the focus away from the startup teams so that their capital and time is spent efficaciously.”

Sandeep Gudibanda, CEO, HealthPlix Technologies said, “India is the third largest startup ecosystem in the world, and its ranking on the Global Innovation Index has progressed to 46. This demonstrates that startups are driving innovation in India! It’s no secret that this culture of startup innovation, which didn’t exist a decade ago, has put India on the global map and solving some of most difficult problems for Bharat! As the founder of a health tech startup, I firmly believe 2022 will be a golden year for Indian healthcare system. Celebrating National Startup Day will help to fuel the growth of startups, which will help us see through the pandemic era!”

Matilde Giglio, Co-Founder, stated, “The declaration by the Prime Minister is surely going to give a boost to the already shining start up ecosystem in India. At Even, we’ve been committed to strengthen the Indian Healthcare system and building a solution that doesn’t make Indians choose between their health and savings and seeing the support from the government will only strengthen our resolve.”

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