Andhra power distributor bars staff from using mobile phones on duty

AMARAVATI: Come October 1, all employees working under the state-owned Andhra Pradesh Central Power Distribution Corporation Limited will be barred from using their mobile phones while on duty to create a distraction-free environment in offices.

The CPDCL noted that the communication gadgets have become a veritable nuisance as employees are wasting their working hours on their mobile phones, thereby hampering the day-to-day office work.

Accordingly, CPDCL chairman and managing director J Padma Reddy issued an order banning use of mobile phones by employees during office hours.

Senior officers of the organisation, however, are exempted from the ban.

This is probably the first-of-its-kind order in any government organisation, official sources said.

From October 1, computer operators, record assistants, typists, junior and senior assistants and outsourced employees working in all offices of the CPDCL will have to deposit their mobile phones while entering the workplace.

No employee will be allowed to take calls or messages while at work. They will be allowed to use their mobile phones only during lunch and tea breaks, the CMD said in her order.

Employees will have to notify the mobile phone number of their higher officers, to be contacted during any emergency. All Chief General Managers, Superintending Engineers and General Managers should follow the instructions to create a distraction-free environment for all employees. If any employee is found not following the instructions, necessary disciplinary action will be initiated, the CMD said.

Source: Press Trust of India

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