Olialia World launches its much-awaited Vazir Pan Masala in India

NEW DELHI: FMCG brand Olialia World said that it has launched its much-awaited Vazir Pan Masala in India today.

Olialia Chairperson and Global Brand Ambassador Anca Verma has rolled out officially after savouring the taste of the first batch of “Olialia Vazir Pan Masala” three days ahead of its commercial rollout on Dusshera on 19th October.

The blend and fragrance of Olialia Vazir Pan Masala have been formulated by JM Joshi who is the master blender of Manikchand and Goa Gutka.

Olialia World is a European FMCG multinational giant whose manufacturing facilities globally are owned by Billionaire Industrialist Abhishek Verma.

Olialia Vazir Pan Masala will be available at retail sales points in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Gujarat next week onwards.

Recently, the company had said that it will launch its Vazir Pan Masala commercially in India by end of this month. The sales and distribution footprint would expand to 10 other states in a few weeks.

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