TDP leader advises Andhra Pradesh government to distribute land to poor

NEW DELHI:Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader and former Minister Alapati Rajendra Prasad on Thursday advised the state government to distribute land to the poor without making any excuses that litigation in the courts was delaying it.

“Stop making baseless allegations and start distributing the house sites that were not stuck in any sort of litigation in the courts as of now,” said Prasad.

The court’s stay applied to only 4,000 of 40,000 acres of land, leaving the balance 36,000 acres free for the government to distribute to the poor, the TDP leader added.

Prasad demanded that the government explain why it was delaying the distribution.

The TDP leader alleged that the Jagan Mohan Reddy government was using the house site distribution programme as a means to indulge in corruption, starting from land acquisition to identification of beneficiaries.

“Thousands of crore of public funds were misused in this. The YSRCP leaders had looted more than Rs 10,000 crore which comes to nearly 40 per cent of the funds spent by the government,” he claimed.

Promising to give one cent land to each poor family, the TDP leader alleged that the YSRCP leaders were grabbing three cents of land.

Recalling the setbacks the state government has been facing in the courts such as in the state Election Commissioner case, English language as a medium of instruction and others, Prasad said the government order allowing poor families to sell their sites after five years also faced “rough weather”.

“Just like in Amaravati capital issue, the Jagan Reddy regime was making all sorts of illegal policies in each and every programme which was eventually drawing adverse orders from the courts,” he observed.

He questioned the Chief Minister why he was also not handing over more than three lakh houses which were already completed under the poor people’s housing programme.

“Another six lakh houses were at various stages of completion but this government did not bother to spend a single rupee to complete them for distributing the same to the poor beneficiaries,” he said.

Source: IANS

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